#MVM: The Transfers- Going to the Show

Music Video Monday: The Transfers- Going to the Show

The Transfers are an indie/alternative band from Central Florida and their live in-studio video of “Going to the Show” is absolutely amazing. Now, normally we don’t feature live music videos because they are usually in front of a crowd and the quality is never the best, for this video, that is not the case. The Transfers filmed this video in their local recording studio called North Avenue Studios for a series they call “Off the Avenue”. The high quality sound and video almost makes it seem as if it wasn’t filmed live. The video does a great job of showcasing The Transfers’ talents as well as their song. This video really makes you want to hear more and see The Transfers live just to see if this song really does sound this clean in a live setting. Check out the video and be amazed at how talented this band really is and how amazingly the production was done. Well, let’s be honest it will have you “Going to the Show”.

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