Orlando, FL
Additional Genres - Christian Rock/Progressive
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A Quantum X History


Back in 2005-2006, Jen was lead vocalist for Orlando rock cover band Echoes Wake and later metal cover band Grudge, singing to covers of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Godsmack, AC/DC, Velvet Revolver, Motley Crue, Audioslave, and Queensryche, to name a few. The bands’ lives were short-lived, though. Soon after leaving the bands, she began writing her own music and was called to write Christian hard rock. After working with various musicians she found through the local Sam Ash and various musician finder websites, she found drummer Marcos Sierra (“M J”). They worked on her music for a short time but their paths later parted ways.


In 2007 Jen became pregnant yet was determined to make her first demo. At 8 months pregnant, she recorded a rough demo of the first versions of “Finish Line” and “Only Grey” with temporary musicians under the band name Quantum X. She came up with the name out of her interest in quantum physics and deep belief in “quantum faith”….quantum theory coupled with biblical principals to scientifically explain spiritual faith.


In the summer of 2010 Jennifer returned to her music and looked up MJ Sierra again. At that time, he was actively seeking another situation after being in a couple of bands. He enthusiastically agreed to rejoin Jen and Quantum X. Guitarist Lonnie Fowler joined Quantum X in December 2010 after answering Jen’s ad through bandmix.com. Prior to joining Quantum X, Lonnie played with his church’s worship team in Indiana for 3 years.

Sadly, MJ left QX for personal and family reasons in March,so the hunt was on for a new drummer. Finally QX ended that exhausting search by bringing in a gifted and passionate musician, Dain Weister.

Dain grew up in Massachusetts and later Central Florida, where his passion for drumming had its roots. He soon became lead drummer in his high school jazz/rock AND marching bands. Later on Dain played in various cover bands, and has been the lead drummer at Spirit of Joy church for the past 5 years…which is how Jen and Dain’s paths crossed…..Jen has been teaching piano at Spirit of Joy’s Creative Arts Studio and was referred to Dain by their mutual friend, the CAS musical director. The pieces fell into place, and QX was ready to move forward again.


QX still was on the hunt for a bassist. Soon after Dain joined QX he contacted fellow musician, bassist Rich Robatin. He came in for a rehearsal, the chemistry and the music was right, so QX’s rhythm section was now finally complete.

Originally from Sunbury, PA, Rich Robatin has been involved in music since he was very young. Music runs in the family, with his mother, brother, and extended family involved in Church music groups. After singing in many groups, Rich picked up the bass for Tuskawilla United Methodist Church and later played with various worship teams in Orlando for many years including Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church, which is where he crossed paths with current QX drummer, Dain Weister. He is married to wife Heidi of 28 years and together they have 4 daughters.

Unfortunately Lonnie had to leave QX in November 2012 for personal reasons. Luckily guitarist George Shelton joined QX around the same time, bringing QX full circle, as George was Quantum X’s very first guitarist before they began playing shows. Stay tuned on more info about George.


Quantum X is a fusion of powerful female vocals, poetic lyrics, gritty guitars, hard-hitting drums, all mixed with classical piano & violin riffs threaded throughout to create a dynamic sound that is uniquely their own. The band derives much of their musical influence from bands such as Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, Red, Within Temptation, Skillet, Nightwish, Fireflight, Evanescence, Dream Theater, and Rush. Quantum X has been working on all original Christian progressive rock material together, completing their first Demo EP Quantum X in the spring of 2011. It includes “Finish Line”, “Inspire Me”, “Only Grey”, and “Hammer of Love”.


Currently Quantum X is adjusting to lineup changes and we are taking a hiatus to regroup, write more material, and prepare for a busy 2013. Look for new music and new gigs in 2013!

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