About Us

A little bit About Us…

BookedPro is a booking/promotions company for musicians of all sizes based out of Orlando, FL.

Founded by Andrew Maffettone, a musician himself, he started the company to help all musicians with their goals and musical careers. BookedPro was created to be a “one-stop-shop” for all musicians to easily find everything they need to better their music and fan base.

We understand

BookedPro is run by other musicians which helps them to understand the struggles of a musical career and the difficulties artists face daily. Offering help in all aspects of being an independent musician, BookedPro helps artists put on shows, go on tours, find quality recording studios, create merchandise, receive the best of graphic design to appear as professional as possible, get management to help lead the way to their goals, and much more.

Focus on your music. We’ll do the rest.

BookedPro is here to be a “one-stop-shop” for all musicians to help them better their musical careers.

This web site has been created to make the artist’s and fan’s experience as easy as possible. Fans can view all BookedPro’s events as well as all other events in their area, they also have the ability to purchase event tickets online while being given all the information for the concerts. BookedPro has the most up-to-date social media sites in each region to help fans discover new artists as well as see when their favorites are playing in their area.

Share your profile to the world.

This website also has a database of almost every artist BookedPro works with while providing each artist their own profile to showcase their music.  Our website was created with fans in mind by allowing the site to be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Giving fans the ability in the “palm of their hands” to reach you on any social network and listen to your latest music releases.

Our website also has lists every venue BookedPro works with to show the correct address and phone number to make everything easily accessible in one place.

Booking made easy.

BookedPro prides itself on making things easier for musicians and offering expertise for successful promotion and musical career development. BookedPro makes sure all of the show rules and payment details are clear and straight forward to prevent any confusion and making booking a show as easy as possible. BookedPro strives to make this an easy process.

We guarantee this will be one of the best decisions you make as a musician!

Why Choose Us?

1 One-Stop-Shop For All Independent Artists!

BookedPro offers everything a musician may need; including, booking, promotion, tours, events, social media,  festivals, networking, music videos, photography, management, professional recording (live and studio), merchandise, and more.

2 Easy Access And Customer Service!

BookedPro does not have service hours, no matter how late you call or email we will respond as soon as possible if not immediately. The music industry can be brutal and we pride our selves on making every part of it a pleasure.

3 Quality Shows

Every large national act was once an independent band or musician, with that BookedPro puts on quality shows of the best musicians around. Sometimes featuring national acts we always put on the best show possible.

4 Completely Non-Exclusive

BookedPro does not work exclusively with any artists, we will book any artist no matter their genre or skill level. We always do what we believe is best for the show, but that does not mean that up-and-coming artists won’t receive a chance to perform also.

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